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Why Business Coaches who Business Coach Full time are Full of BS

I just got an email in my inbox this morning from a business coach offering a discount on business coaching session to help my business get back on track. It made me realize the slew of offers small business owners are about to get from business coaches whose full time business is "coaching" not running a business. The challenges of running a business are unique and morph and change more rapidly in today's climate than ever before. While business coaching can be helpful, it is only helpful if you are getting the advice from someone who actually runs a business full time in the field or an adjacent field to your current or desired business. If not, they would never understand the intricacies associated with your business, market trends and rapidly evolving best practices on everything from finance management, pricing and margins to social media and marketing. If you own a lifestyle, beauty or fashion brand before you seek the support of a full time business coach, stop and ask yourself how they would actually be qualified to give you any better advice than a fellow friend in the business or someone currently running a business in your field. You may think, "I would love to get a coaching session from someone in my field, but they don't offer coaching." That is where we come in. At Life by Style, we were built by business owners currently operating in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector. We founded this portal as a resource to businesses and brands operating in this space and offer business coaching at affordable rates as part of our eco-system. Coaching hours are limited because we are all running successful businesses, but if you are interested reach out today with information on your business and what areas you are looking for coaching and we can match you with a coach and provide an hourly rate for you to consider.

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