London School of Trends Fashion Styling Course

London School of Trends Fashion Styling Course

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The essence of fashion lies in style. If you have had a knack for putting outfits together or being able to pick out the right clothes for just anybody then this online course, taught by an experienced personal stylist may be the right place for you.

Personalised learning: Learn on any device at your own pace over 12 months.
Trusted content: The online course is put together by our tutor, Joseph Toronka.
Tools to attain your creative goals: Full-time support by our team and course certificate provided to all successful students.



Course overview

The course presents a multi-disciplinary approach to styling and will help you gain an experimental, practical and research thinking experience.
At the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the role of the fashion stylist in contemporary media, the knowledge to create fashion imagery and the skills necessary for you to create new narratives.

Get the classroom experience form the comfort of your home. We give you real-world advice on what to expect and how to maximise your creative and professional prospects.




  • Online Fashion & Personal Styling Course is taught by an industry expert.
  • The course consists of practical learning, highly interactive research assignments and quizzes.
  • Learn online, on any device or browser over 12 months.
  • Get personal feedback on every assignment.
  • Study from anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Successful students receive a certificate of completion from the London School of Trends.


Course Modules

This course covers 4 modules of study and research, including how to get the right style for the right person, building different looks and much more. We also cover what to expect in terms of being on the job.

  • Module 1: Fashion Styling - Introduction to Fashion Styling, Fashion Stylist Specialties, Skills required for Fashion Styling, History of Styling, Fashion Styling Basics, Becoming a Fashion Stylist, Skills and Talents, Styling for Print, Preparing and Performing Test, Styling for Entertainment, Image management, Understanding Body Shapes, Understanding Personal Style, On the job, Portfolio Building, Branding
  • Module 2: Personal Styling - What is Personal Style?, Personal Style and New Image, Identifying your Look, Shopping and Maintaining your wardrobe, Wardrobe Essentials, Chic - the gate away & evening looks, Dress and style.
  • Module 3: Styling your Business - Business Basics for Stylists & Marketing your Business, Forms & Contracts, Getting Work /Freelance Stylist, Personal & Celebrity Clients.
  • Module 4: Colour Therapy by Laura Lightbody